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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement concerns the website

—— Cookies ——

To provide an optimized experience, we use tracking technologies such as cookies. Those cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device  when you access a website. They help to remember information about your visit, which can facilitate your next visit and make the site more useful.

—— Google Analytics ——

In accordance with current practices and to improve your user experience, we collect certain usage statistics and audience metrics using Google Analytics. The cookie records information about your browsing and cannot, under any circumstances, identify you personally. We are committed to complying with Google’s privacy policy.

—— Cache memory ——

This site uses caching to facilitate a faster response time and a better user experience. Caching potentially stores a copy of each web page displayed on this site. All cache files are temporary and are never accessible to a third party, unless it is necessary to obtain technical support from the cache extension provider. Cache files expire according to a schedule set by the site administrator, but can easily be purged by the administrator before their natural expiration, if necessary.

—— Contact Form ——

When you communicate with us through the contact form, you are invited to provide us with personal information such as : name, telephone number and email address. These messages are treated with the same care as paper correspondence and we do everything in our power to protect this sensitive data.

—— Personal Data ——

You can request to receive a file containing all the personal data we have about you, including those you have provided to us via the contact form. You have the right to request at any time the deletion or rectification of the personal information we process about you.

—— Resource person ——

The person responsible in our company for complaints and privacy is Tony Stratopoulos, General Manager. For any requests concerning your personal data or for any information related to the said privacy statement, you can contact him directly by email at